RHS Solvent Recovery System

The Red Head RHS Series Stills offer economic, efficiency, and purity benefits to our high volume customers.


  • Systems reduce solvent waste
  • Reduce the amount of new solvent you purchase
  • Requires minimal labor for operation
  • Reclaim your solvent at typically 2 cents per gallon
  • Your return on investments is typically 1 year or less


  • Systems distill virtually any solvent
  • The PLC controls insure that operating set points are consistent
  • Thermal oil is circulated for efficient temperature range between 100° to 550° F
  • Distillation vessel is designed to eliminate carry-over
  • Vacuum operation reduces energy consumption by requiring less heat


  • The RHS Series allows you to control the quality of your reclaimed solvent
  • When you contract with an outside solvent reclaim service, your solvent might be mixed with other solvent and returned to you in a “blend”
  • A “blend” leads to questionable quality of your solvent
  • RHS Systems allow you to reclaim your solvent.
Model GPH
RHS-30 15 - 35
RHS-55 25 - 70
RHS-90 45 - 100
RHS-250 90 - 180
RHS-500 107 - 300
RHS-850 150 - 420+

* GPH is the estimated output or production rate and is intended as a guide with actual GPH dependent on the product being processed.

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