DW-100 Drum Washer

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 "Red Head" DW-100 Drum Washer

Efficient Drum Cleaning


  • Reduces vapor exposure to your employees
  • Cleans with rotating high-pressure spray nozzle
  • Spray pressure up to 140+ PSI and 20 GPM assures through cleaning
  • No brushes to wear out
  • Cleaning time is typically 2 minutes or less
  • Explosion-proof design standard
  • Low-cost all pneumatic design available
  • Automatic and manual wash cycle offers complete flexibility
  • Small footprint
  • Minimize water usage with our specifically designed separation tanks

Clean your Drums automatically

for a safer work environment.


Famous for versatile, high-quality tank, tote and drum washers, CB Mills' DW-100 Drum Washer solves the problem of cleaning 30 to 55 gallon drums. It eliminates the operators exposure to cleaning solutions and vapors.

All the cycles are fully automated with the use of our PLC Systems. The operator places the drum in position and pushes the "start" button. The drum is washed in an inverted position therefore, bottom drains on the drum are not required.

Once the drums are clean, they are ready to reuse or recycle. The DW-100 high-pressure wash nozzle cleans with water or solvent, eliminating all foreign materials from interior surfaces. The wash solution can be recycled and resused during the wash cycle or the wash solution can be used once. A rinse cycle using clean, unused wash solution can be incorporated into the wash rinse cycle.

The DW-100 is the solution to your drum cleaning needs. Capable of cleaning open top 30 to 55 gallon drums or closed top drums with a minimum of a 2" diameter bunghole.