TW-100 Tote Washer

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 "Red Head" TW-100 Tote Washer

Simplicity in Application - Efficiency in Washing


  • Reduces vapor exposure to your employees
  • Cleans totes efficiently
  • Saves time versus manual cleaning
  • Pressure washing cleans "all" interior surfaces
  • Wash nozzle insures complete vessel converage
  • Spray pressure up to 350+ PSI and 20 GPM volumes assures through cleaning
  • No brushes to wear out
  • Explosion proof design standard
  • Automatic and manual wash cycles offer complete flexibility
  • Minimize water usage with our specifically designed separation tanks

Clean your Totes automatically

for a safer work environment.


The TW-100 washes with a high-volume high-pressure spray for tote tanks with a standard 22" manway or 6" screw top using an optional attachment. The nozzle pattern insures all interior vessel surfaces are washed, even corners and under the top. The PLC insures that washing only takes place when all safety devices are satisfied. The operator moves the vessel to the washer, lowers the gasketed head into position and pushes the "START" button on the two line display.

The TW-100 consists of a high-pressure wash pump with a threeway valve for rinse supply and a wash solution take-away pump. The wash solution is recirculated to minmize the use of clean-wash solution. When the wash cycle is complete the clean rinse solution is activated - volume required is typically < 3 gallons. Typical wash cycle times are 3-5 minutes per tank. The washer nozzle is driven by the wash solution flow. The nozzle is geared to prevent free-wheel spinning. The spray pattern is directed for maximum impact and complete coverage.