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Process Development

Many times during trials, something new is discovered, and determining how best to incorporate these discoveries into existing procedures needs to be analyzed. Our experience and expertise in process equipment allow us to take this new information and help create simple, efficient procedures.

If the trial is for solvent recovery, it may involve changing how much heat/ energy is put into the product to better control water contamination and still maintain a high production rate.

If the trial is for milling, it could involve determining the most appropriate media material and size for hitting the particle size target, determining the ideal flow rate for meeting production and quality goals, and helping to create a surfactant package to reduce or prevent particle post-process agglomeration.

System Commissioning

After receiving an order, we create a team responsible for the project’s smooth and controlled movement through our system. When the engineering, construction & assembly, and testing have been completed, the system is ready for delivery and installation. CB Mills can assist our customers with as much or as little installation support as they need. Once installation and system utilities have been completed, we can perform a system startup and commissioning. Our trained technicians are onsite to ensure that once our customer is ready to “push the button,” everything has been inspected and verified for a safe and efficient startup.

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