Fillmastic – Model Mixing Machine

Key Features

  • Developed for use within the Mastic industry, the Fillmastic has evolved to process a huge range of high viscosity products up to 2 million Centipoise.
  • Equipped with a triple action mixing system.
  • High shear granulating Masticator to reduce large scale solid additions (e.g. rubber bales).
  • Helical Anchor Stirrer to promote mass movement and heat transfer.
  • Integrated Discharge Extruder which also supplements the mixing process.


  • Mastics and Sealants
  • Pastes and Putties
  • HMA’s and Heavy Adhesives


  • 205 – 10,000 Liter
  • Heated / Cooled
  • Fully Automated systems available
  • Vacuum or Pressurized
  • NEC Rated
  • Constructed in Stainless Steel and/or special alloys

CB Mills is proud to offer the Fillmastic. If you have any questions about any of our Fillworth mixing machines, please contact us!

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