Company History


August Krumholz - Founding Father

August Krumholz

Mr. August Krumholz started Chicago Boiler as a non-sophisticated boiler repair company in 1891 and incorporated in November of the same year. During his tenure as the president of CB Mills (Chicago Boiler at the time), Mr. Krumholz has built the foundation of a strong leadership line that drives the growth of the company even today. CB Mills’ core beliefs: experience, quality and reliability formulated by Mr. Krumholz have stood the test of time and instilled in each generation.

Al Krumholz Sr.

Al Krumholz Sr

Mr. Al Krumholz Sr. further expanded the business to manufacturing. Mr. Krumholz was the forefront of our successful and one of America's recognized premier custom metal fabricator line of “Red Head” Metal Tanks. Since welding was then the core business of Chicago Boiler, Mr. Krumholz introduced a wide variety of welding processes that aided us even today to provide answers to most challenging fabrication needs and requirements. He was also one of the founding members of STI/P3 standards. Furthermore, Mr. Krumholz introduced more than just welding processes, in fact he invented the "Red Head" welding C-Clamp, which features weld splatter protection and is continuously sought by welding shops.

Al Krumholz Jr.

Al Krumholz Jr.

Mr. Al Krumholz Jr. considerably expanded CB Mills’ array of products starting in 1955 when he piloted CB Mills in the Paint and Coating industry and led us to become one of the leading U.S. Licensees for the manufacture of Vertical Grinding Mills invented by DuPont. Although the original design was a DuPont patent, Mr. Krumholz has directed an array of improvements to this line, which is now known as “Red Head” Vertical Grinding Mill. Shortly after the introduction of the horizontal grinding mills in Europe, Mr. Krumholz led CB Mills to an alliance with Willy A. Bachofen AG. Maschinenfabrik of Switzerland, the originator of the world renowned DYNO-MILL. CB Mills has been proudly manufacturing the DYNO-MILL ever since.

Bruce Krumholz

Bruce Krumholz

Mr. Bruce Krumholz has piloted and made major improvements to every line of products CB Mills manufactures. Complete automation and the use of state-of-the-art technologies in every product line is now a standard at CB Mills. PLCs and computers with in-house written and supported software were also introduced under Mr. Bruce Krumholz's leadership. Furthermore, development and manufacturing of our largest products are now headed and guided by Mr. Krumholz , who recently introduced our biggest solvent recovery still with capacities between 350 to 450 gallons per hour. Like every Krumholz before him, he is actively involved in every step of production of every major piece of equipment still answering YES to the question: “Would you buy it?”