Laboratory Testing & Trials

Real-World Testing: To understand the advantages of working with CB Mills, we can easily answer the question of how well our equipment works with your product.

Whether it is media grinding, solvent recovery, or tank and tote washing applications, we proudly offer trials in our modern and fully equipped laboratory. Our equipment ranges from small to large-scale models. Regardless of the equipment, CB Mills can take the results and determine the correct model for your production or targeted volume output with scale-up calculations. CB Mills will work with you to demonstrate our products’ capabilities and/or help optimize your current process conditions. Using a detailed step-by-step process, we’ll be able to find the best approach to your milling, cleaning, or reclaiming challenge.

The following is a list of our current testing equipment:

Our Mills

  • Vertical Grinding Mill: The “Red Head” Vertical Grinding Mill is suited for well milling applications. The Chamber Size is 3 to 60 gallons, and the flow rates are 8 to 600 GPH.
  • Small Batch Laboratory Grinding Mill: The “Red Head” Lab Scale Grinding Mill is simple, economical, and capable of producing small-lot dispersions. All models are easily adapted for operation on a utility drill press with a 1/2 HP drive
  • RH Series Horizontal Mill:  The “Red Head” Horizontal Grinding Mill is available from Lab to Production sizes. Suitable for use with glass and ceramic grinding media. Push-Button Controls provide a simple, lower-cost solution

Solvent Recovery Stills

  • Micro-30 Solvent Recovery Unit: For small-volume waste generators.
  • RHS-30 Solvent Recovery Unit: Vertical 30-gallon capacity still with continuous oil circulation and internal scraping for the best heat transfer. Batch size for testing is 55 to 110 gallons.
  • BDS Model 110 Solvent Recovery Unit: Horizontal 55-gallon capacity still with continuous oil circulation and an internal auger. Batch size for testing is 55 gallons. This unit eliminates your hazardous waste by removing 100% of the solvent from your waste. The waste stream is first run through an RHS-30 to remove up to 60%of the solvent. Then, the sludge from the first run is put into the Hydro-Tek110 to remove the remaining solvent – leaving a solid residue.

Drum, Tank, and Tote Washers

  • DW-100 Drum Washer: Our drum washer can clean standard open-top drums or closed-head drums with 2” bungs.
  • TW-100 Tote Washer: Our washer has the ability to clean a tote from 150 gallons up to 550 gallons in size. The TW-100 accommodates standard 22’’ manway or 6” tote openings.
  • TW-300 Tank Washer: Our tank washer has the ability to clean a tote or a tank up to an 80″ diameter. The lid adjusts for tank heights from 34″ to 73″.

Mixing Systems

  • CB Mills Model 311 Rotor Stator Mixer: Variable Speed, Rotor-Stator Mixer for premixing a variety of samples.
  • High-Speed Disperser: Variable Speed with different blade options for premixing or stirring batches during recirculation through the media grinding mills

Particle Size Analysis

  • Hegman grind gauges: Draw-down gauges to check the fineness of the grind.
  • Microtrac: Bluewave particle size analyzer with true BLUE LASERS.

Process Development

Many times during trials, something new is discovered, and determining how best to incorporate these discoveries into existing procedures needs to be analyzed. Our experience and expertise in process equipment allow us to take this new information and help create simple, efficient procedures.

If the trial is for solvent recovery, it may be a change in how much heat/energy is put into the product to control water contamination better and still maintain a high production rate.

If the trial is for milling, it could be determining the most appropriate media material and size for reaching the particle size target. It could be determining the ideal flow rate for production and quality goals.

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