RH- Series Horizontal Mill

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Red Head Vertical Small Media Mill
Red Head Vertical Small Media Mill

CB Mills was the original vertical mill manufacturer with our well-known Red Head Mill that has served the dispersion and grinding industry for over 60 years. After 39 years of horizontal milling experience, CB Mills is proud to introduce our “American Made” Horizontal Mill!

RH Series Horizontal Mill
  • Available from Lab Size to 280 Liters
  • Media range 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm
  • Suitable for glass through all types of ceramic media
  • Gap or Screen type separator system
  • Continuous throughput
  • UL “Listed” electrical panel assembly available for hazardous or non-hazardous locations
  • Push-Button Controls provide a simple, lower cost solution
  • PLC Controls will provide more advanced control and process monitoring
  • Water jacketed vessel for controlling process temperatures
  • Slide Rails allow easy removal of the milling vessel for maintenance
  • Convenient Media Cart to manage dumping, washing and moving media
  • Pump stations available interlocked with system controls
Models Liters
RH-000.3 0.3
RH-000.6 0.6
RH-001.4 1.4
RH-020 16.5
RH-025 25
RH-045 45
RH-060 60
RH-120 128
RH-190 196
RH-280 296

We are proud to have all of our product lines made in the USA.

Red Head Vertical Small Media Mill