Custom Steel Fabrication

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Custom Steel Fabrication

At Chicago Boiler, our focus is providing the most well thought out and economical solutions to the most complex industrial problems for our customers. We tailor solutions to a number of different industries. We understand that the criteria of one industry may not suit another, but our flexible process and years of experience assures our customers, in any industry, the best solutions in custom metal fabrication.  We have experts who are capable of taking your project from the design phase, all of the way to your door, with the attention and care expected from a leading metal fabricator

Chicago Boiler is primarily a plate fabricator of carbon steels, stainless steels and nickel alloys with full fabrication capabilities from 10 gauge through 2” thick.  Some of the types of fabrication that we do, in both ASME code and non-code, are process vessels, reactors, mixing tanks, cyclones, chutes, bins, hoppers, flumes, stacks and ductwork.  Our work experience includes virtually all 300 series stainless steels, SA36 and 516-70 Carbon Steel, Alloy 20, and P22 Chrome.  We are experienced in handling, cleaning and passivating to provide fabrications that are free of iron contamination. We also have the capability to perform any necessary non-destructive testing when required.  Industries that we serve include pulp and paper, chemical, power, cement, aluminum, carbon products and others that require specialized fabrications.  Chicago Boiler was formed as an Illinois corporation in 1891.  Our facility, located in Gurnee, has approximately 70,000 sq. ft. of work area with overhead crane systems throughout.

  • Our machine shop is approximately 80’x80’ with multiple lathes, mills, chop saws, bridgeports, tapping stations, etc.  Most machines are CNC which gives up the capacity to get your project done efficiently.
  • Our 13 foot by 6 1/2 foot CNC waterjet can cut all materials, and carbon steel up to 7” thick (other materials vary slightly based on strength). 
  • We can also plasma cut up to 2” thick material.
  • Multiple plate bending rolls make short work of cylinders and other curved shapes, whether working in stainless, nickel alloys or carbon steel. Our roll is the Ferrari of the plate roll world.  It is a CNC roll capable of 7/8” plate 8 feet wide, and capable of rolling down to 17” diameter cylinders.  It is also capable of rolling cones to minimize welding time.
  • For fast, economical sizing of materials a plate shear is essential. Our shear can handle plate up to 8 feet wide, carbon steel to 5/8” thick and stainless steel to 3/8” thick.
  • Our 260 ton press brake can cold form plates to various configurations up to 12 feet wide.  This includes manufacturing of many different cone sizes to ASME specifications and tolerances.
  • In addition to our certified manual welding procedures, our automatic sub-arc welders produce x-ray quality welds inside and out, longitudinally and circumferentially.

Our qualified welding procedures include SAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW in both stainless steels, nickel alloys, carbon steel and chromoly. Our welders are certified to ASME Section IX. Our Quality Assurance program is in accordance to our ASME quality control manual for all of our work, code and non-code alike.  Our engineering department has extensive experience with ASME Section VIII, APl 620, APl 650, AWWA, and STI codes.  We use Solidworks to create fabrication drawings, and 3D models from your general drawings or sketches. You can send your drawings to us in almost any format.

From simple fabrications to ASME code pressure vessels, small quantities to large production runs, Chicago Boiler has the experience, expertise and equipment to handle all of your fabrication needs!