Small Batch Laboratory Grinding Mills

The CB Mills “Red Head”

  • Simple, economical and capable of producing small lot dispersions.
  • Easily adapted for operation on a utility drill press with a 1/2 H.P. drive.
  • Explosion proof motor and a spindle speed of 2400rpm
  • Our L-5-P Mill (see picture above) offers optional Power Stand
  • All lab grinding mills have stainless steel contract parts
  • Agitators come in either cast alloy or nylon

L-1 (1 liter) Water-jacketed for 300ml samples.

  • Allows you to determine end point on color particle size and probable production rate of formulations.

L-2 (1 liter) Top-feed continuous mill

  • Comes with45-mesh screen and no water-jacket.
  • Allows for quick bracketing of vehicle/pigment loading.

L-3 (2 liter) Same as the L-2 except for increased capacity.

L-3-J (2 liter) Water-jacketed

  • Top-feed continuous grinding mill.
  • Comes with a 45-mesh screen.
  • Ideal for short run applications where temperature control is necessary



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