Waterjet Cutting

CB Mills offers our customers abrasive waterjet capabilities. It provides:

  • No Heat Affected Zones
  • No Mechanical Stresses
  • Extremely Detailed Geometry
  • Stack Cutting
  • Less Material Loss
  • Little to No Burr
  • Great for cutting composite materials
  • In addition to these benefits; our Flow Mach 3 has the following capacities.

Our Waterjet Capabilities Include:

  • X-Axis 13’ 1”
  • Y-Axis 6’ 6”
  • Z-Axis 7”
  • X and Y Linear Positional Accuracy: +/-0.003” per 3’ at 68° +/- 3° F
  • X and Y Repeatability: +/- 0.003” at 68° +/-3° F

We also offer final machining on our CNC Lathes and CNC mills. Our Waterjet services are priced very competitively. Contact us today for pricing and timing.

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