Introducing the RH - Series Horizontal Mill

Red Head Vertical Small Media Mill
Red Head Vertical Small Media Mill

CB Mills - Designer & Builder of American Made Mills

CB Mills was the original vertical mill manufacturer with our well-known "Red Head" Mill that has served the dispersion and grinding industry for over 63 years. Now, after over 39 years of horizontal milling experience, CB Mills is proud to introduce our own “American made”, cost-competitive, horizontal mill.

We listened to the design features our customers wanted and have brought those features into the RH-Series "Red Head" “Horizontal” Mill. This product line will be available from lab to production sizes and suitable for use with glass, through all types of ceramic grinding media as small as 0.3mm. Look for more advanced design features to be rolled out soon!

CB Mills will continue to use our advanced software on this new design and also support previously supplied mills with our highly recognized Customer Service Department.

CB Mills – American Made Mills

We are proud to have all of our product lines made in the USA.

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CB Mills is proud to now represent Fillworth UK Ltd in North America.  Fillworth's equipment expands on our knowledge of coatings, paints, and chemicals, and exposes us to customers in the adhesive, caulk, and mastic markets.  BROCHURE

CB Mills can offer you something few suppliers can in the coatings industry - the ability to provide crucial products throughout your production process.  The tanks for storing product, the media mills for processing the product, washers for cleaning storage tanks, and solvent recovery for reclaiming those cleaning solutions.  This is how "we complete the cycle" for our customers.  Working together we help streamline your complex production process. Not only does it simplify the acquisition process, but also provides a continuity in design where all the pieces are designed to fit together as a system.

Chicago Boiler has been in the custom steel tank industry for 125 years and we have literally seen and built it all.  There are millions of tons of products in the field today with our name on it.  Allow us to work with you to find the ideal custom steel fabrication solution.

Between our equipment and decades of industry experience, CB Mills has established itself as the go-to partner in the coatings industry.  Initially with our Red Head vertical mills, which are still an important part of our media milling solutions.

Cleanup made easy - whether it is solvent based or water borne; contained in an open top tank, drum or tote we have the washer to clean it.  High pressure combined with high volume allows our DW-100, TW-100 and TW-300 washers to get the job done safely and efficiently.

We Complete the Cycle is more than just an engineered solution or design perspective, but a philosophy of enhancing our customer's competitive performance and improving bottom lines.  Our Closed Loop Systems illustrate that completely.  Once the cleaning has been completed by either of our DW-100, TW-100 or TW-300 washers the clean and dirty solvents are processed in and out of our storage tanks and then reclaimed by our solvent recovery unit.  CB Mills' closed loop system provides a simple solution to a time consuming and costly process.

Together we can create real results, in our lab, on the performance of our equipment with your product!  See for yourself how CB Mills can Complete the Cycle for you by scheduling a trial today.