Solvent Recovery Systems

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Low Volume


 Micro Series

The Solvent Recycling Micro-Still series is an ideal solution for users with low to medium volume requirements. The Micro units convert hazardous waste into 99.5% pure reuseable solvent. CB Mills Micro Solvent Recovery Systems reduce waste and increase profits.

M-5 5 Gallon System


M5 System

The M-5 System is a Refrigeration Machine Distiller-Reclaimer; it processes 5 gallons or less per batch. A standard 5 gallon metal bucket of waste is placed in the chamber. Waste solvents are vaporized and re-condensed, making the solvent reusable.

High Volume


 RHS Series

The Solvent Recyling RHS Still series is a continuous process solvent recovery still controlled by a PLC. The RHS converts hazardous waste into 99.5% pure reusable solvent. RHS Solvent Recovery Systems successfully reduce waste and increase profits with typical ROI of less than 1 year.

Zero Waste


 Hydro-Tek Series

The Hydro-Tek Solvent Recycling System will take your process waste slurry, distill out the remaining solvent to a dry granular residue that can be used as a filler for other products.  This can allow the user to be a "Zero-Waste" generator.