Micro Series Solvent Recovery Stills

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The "Red Head" Micro Series Stills offer economic, efficiency, and purity benefits to our low to medium volume customers.

ECONOMICAL - The Micro Product Line allows for a reduction in disposal and new solvent costs by converting hazardous waste into reusable solvent. User-friendly controls and minimal operator attention reduces labor costs associated with operation.

EFFICIENT - The current Micro Product Line offers distillation ranges of 100° to 550°F. A vacuum pump enables you to distill solvents with boiling points higher than 400°F. The Micro is heated by a convection system evaporating the waste solvent quickly and uniformly.

PURE RECOVERY - With the Micro, you control the "quality" of your reclaimed solvent. When you contract with an outside solvent reclaimer, your solvent might be mixed with other solvents and returned to you in a "blend" of questionable quality.


Model *GPH
  Micro 15 1 - 6
  Micro 30 6 - 18