RHS Solvent Recovery Systems

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The "Red Head" RHS Series Stills offer economic, efficiency, and purity benefits to our high volume customers.

ECONOMICAL - RHS Solvent Recovery Systems reduce solvent waste, reduce the amount of new solvent you purchase, require minimal labor for operation and reclaim your solvent at typically 2 cents per gallon. Your return on investments is normally less than 1 year.

EFFICIENT - RHS Solvent Recovery Systems distill virtually any solvent. The PLC controls insure that operating set points are consistent. Thermal oil is circulated for efficient energy use and temperature set points range between 100º to 550º F. The distillation vessel is designed to eliminate carry-over and reclaim pure solvent. Vacuum operation during distillation reduces energy consumption by requiring less heat to accomplish distillation.

PURE RECOVERY - The RHS Series allows you to control the quality of your reclaimed solvent. When you contract with an outside solvent reclaim service, "your" solvent might be mixed with other solvent and returned to you in a "blend" of questionable quality. With an RHS System you reclaim "your" solvent.


                     PROCESS CAPACITY

Model *GPH
  RHS-30 15 - 35
  RHS-55 25 - 70
  RHS-90 45 - 100
  RHS-150 75 - 150
  RHS-250 90 - 180
  RHS-850 150 - 420+