Horizontal Grinding Mills

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KD Mills

The DYNO®-MILL KD series is considered a traditional operating media grinding mill with a horizontal chamber for dispersion and fine wet grinding. The models in this series are designed for difficult to grind products and are able to de-agglomerate as well as reduce particle size.

KD Grinding Mills are suitable in the Chemical, Agro-chemical, Pigments, Paints, Inks, and Mineral Grinding Industries.


ECM-AP Mills

The DYNO®-MILL ECM-AP series is considered our high energy horizontal mill, which represents a breakthrough in milling technology. 

The unique media separation design allows operation with media as small as 0.1mm while increasing efficiency by as much as 35%.

ECO 5 - Media Grinding Mill

ECO 5 Mill

The DYNO®-MILL ECO 5 is designed as our economical 5-liter horizontal mill for small scale production applications.