FSRD Self Raising Disc Disperser

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FM Mixing Machine

Key Features

  • Lower initial capital cost 
  • Improved mixing time 
  • Reduced power inpu
  • No lift/ hoist / hydraulics to maintain 
  • No extra headroom required for raising drive 
  • No special seals, glands or bellows to maintain
  • Vacuum built as standard 
  • Pressure designs available

The “FSRD” uses unique and innovative technology to radically improve the metering in and wetting out of powder into a liquid, and then to complete the dispersion process, without the use of external hydraulic systems to drive the disc up and down the shaft. This is achieved instead by rotating the shaft forwards and then backwards, and using the resistance of the charge to the movement of the impeller to create the vertical motion of the disc along the helical guides on the shaft.

Use for dispersing powders into liquids up to a typical viscosity of 25,000 cps. Standard unit sizes range from 3 kW to 150 kW suitable for batch sizes from 5 – 2,600 gallons.